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  This site is not run by or authorised by Martin.W.Hunniball and Son, but has been created to inform others of the experience I have had with this company.

I am not asking that you avoid this company only that it is in your interest to read, and make your own decision. This relates to anyone in the North Walsham area looking for engine re-conditioning or rebuilding services or LPG conversions and the like.

My experience relates to:-


  Martin W Hunniball & Son
Unit 2B/The Folly Industrial Estate
Gaymers Way
North Walsham
NR28 0AN
  I delivered my car for a basic engine rebuild. They proceeded to remove the engine, and little else, meaning that my freshly taxed and MOT'd concourse car was not useable. After 4 years of nagging, including visiting 8 times in 12 weeks, to badger them into completing the work - MY CAR DISAPPEARED WITHOUT A TRACE!!!

Apparently it had been stolen which is quite convenient given that I had threatened them with legal action a fortnight before, and they could not show me the parts for my engine. Another 9 months passed with no response or reply from Hunniball to the 10 letters I had sent. That was almost 2 years ago - yes its now 6 years since I made the mistake of driving my car into their workshop, and I have yet to receive a penny in compensation for my loss.

I cannot print a reply from Hunniball here - they have never made one, and seem to think that the problem of a lost 5000 car will go away if they ignore it.

Of course I am suing Hunniball, and would like to hear from anyone having had a similar experience with delays in completing their cars.



  If you want your cylinder head modified, re-conditioned or worked on then please bear in mind the above. If you are seriously considering leaving your car for engine work then I really appeal to you to consider the above, and ask yourself how safe your car is, and ask for a guarantee of how long the work will take. Will it be 6 years - if so you might as well give the keys away to the next stranger you meet. If your crankshaft needs fixing, or your main end or big end bearings replaced the there are many companies able to carry out such repair work. Pistons and piston rings are easily replaced - is your car? Is your car safe and will you get compensated when they lose another vehicle. Vans, SUV's, cars and motorcycles all have internal combustion engines, and all need repair from time to time. If you need a lead free conversion on your Old Jaguar then choose wisely whom you ask to convert the engine. Engineering is something that many well established companies can carry out.